Just One Day of Exercise Protects the Heart

“JUST ONE DAY OF EXERCISE CAN PROTECT THE HEART AGAINST…(A HEART ATTACK)…. and this protection is upheld with months of exercise, making exercise one of the few sustainable preconditioning stimuli” (Journal of Applied Physiology, September 2011). Wow. Heart attacks occur when a plaque suddenly breaks off from the walls of an artery which supplies blood […]

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Overdoses of Vitamin D Pills can Damage Your Heart

People who develop atrial fibrillation should be asked if they are taking huge doses of vitamin D.  If you have an irregular heart beat and are taking massive doses of vitamin D pills, check with your doctor immediately.  This cause of irregular heartbeats can be cured by stopping the pills. Research presented at the annual […]

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Daily Wisdom

"Genius is not so much talent as it is ATTITUDE. It is a DECISION that you can do well at anything you make up your mind to do... Bring the best of yourself to the surface and give the project all you've got. Genius is a matter of perception, the other person's perception. Your very best always looks better to others than it does to you, you see, what you've done is form the habit of giving your best."

~ Sandra Gallagher, CEO of LifeSuccess Group of Companies

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