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Vitamin D from Sun Exposure?

A study following 29,518 Swedish women shows that those who avoided sun exposure were twice as likely to die over 20 years compared to those who spent significant time in sunlight (J Intern Med. Epub April 4, 2014). This does not mean that lack of sunlight causes death; it means only that lack of sunlight […]

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Learn to Run Clinic- 3-5k Novice Group

Learn to Run Clinic- 3-5k Novice Group   Is this for you?- Have you ever wanted to learn how to run but didn’t know how to get started and actually keep up with it?  Designed for people who have never run before, people who walk but have never tried a running program or people who […]

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Physical Therapy for Neck Pain

  A physical therapist can help you get rid of your neck pain. What’s more, you’ll learn how to stretch and strengthen your neck, stand properly, and even do exercises that will keep the pain from coming back. Physical therapy often provides the best treatment for neck pain, not only providing relief, but also teaching […]

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Active Wellness Promotional Offer for You

Active Wellness would like to thank you for your support and the opportunity to give you some excellent service.As a jump into spring, we are offering you 6 Physiotherapy Sessions (1 assessment and 4 treatments) or 6 (1 Hour) Registered Massage Therapy Sessions for the price of 5.    By prepaying for your sessions, you have […]

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Lifestyle Changes to prevent Diabetes- New Studies

  Several recent studies suggest that making lifestyle changes including losing weight, exercising and eating a healthful diet can help to prevent diabetes. Six-year program reduces diabetes and heart attacks: For six years, 577 adults with high blood sugar levels followed a diet and exercise program to prevent and treat diabetes (The Lancet Diabetes & […]

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Weight Lifting for Middle-Age and Beyond

Many middle-aged and older people have started to lift weights, since extensive data show that lack of muscles increases risk for diabetes, heart attacks and premature death (British Medical Journal, September 2009; Journal of Physiology, September 2009). However, within the first few weeks of their new weight-lifting programs, most get injured and quit. Usually they […]

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