Eat your Greens, Beans and Nuts

  High blood pressure markedly increases risk for heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and premature death. We have known for many years that high-plant diets, such as a Mediterranean diet, lower blood pressure significantly. Now researchers at Kings College London and the University of California have shown that the health benefits of these diets probably come […]

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Do Eggs Increase Risk for Heart Attacks?

  After years of bad publicity, the jury is still out on eggs. Nobody really knows whether they increase risk for heart attacks. Most of the research papers show that those who have normal blood pressure and cholesterol and are not diabetic are not at increased risk for heart attacks when they eat up to […]

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Arthritis- types and treatment

Arthritis Treatments There are two major types of arthritis: osteoarthritis, also called degenerative arthritis, and reactive arthritis. Osteoarthritis means that cartilage wears away and doctors don’t have the foggiest idea why and therefore they have no effective treatment. Doctors usually prescribe non-steroidal pills that help to block pain but do not even slow down destruction […]

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Back Care on a Budget- Part 2

Back Care on a Budget- Part 2 6. Activate Your Core Linda Bucklin Core stabilization involves activating deep abdominals and other postural muscles to create support for your back. This type of back exercise program may prevent or relieve joint and muscle strain and give your spine some traction action during the day. A basic […]

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Back Care on a Budget- Part 1

Whether you’re naturally frugal or you’re just tired paying for treatments that don’t work, being pro-active about your back or neck may help relieve the pain. Here are some low cost and free ways to deal with neck or back pain. 1. At-Home Therapies Anne Asher Lifting heavy boxes. Gardening. Stressful sleeping positions. Is it […]

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Daily Wisdom

"The most wasted of all days is that on which one has not laughed."

~ Nicolas Chamfort, Writer

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