Benefits of Exercise- Part 1- Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy- Kitchener, Waterloo

The Benefits of Exercise Go Way Beyond the Muscles- Part 1 Every year, John Thyfault snaps the same photo, and it makes him a little sad. Thyfault, PhD, is an associate professor at Kansas University Medical Center, where he studies the health effects of exercise. Each year, he travels to the American Diabetes Association’s annual […]

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Rheumatoid Arthritis- Physiotherapy, RMT- Kitchener-Waterloo

You and Rheumatoid Arthritis- Part 1 Eat to Move Though diet doesn’t cure RA, the same healthy eating habits that are good for the rest of you are also good for your joints. That includes whole grains, vegetables, fruit, fish, and other types of lean protein. Some foods may help with joint swelling, such as […]

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"Your health is your choice and you wear it well."

~ Anonymous

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