Protein After, Not During, Exercise

High-protein meals eaten immediately after hard exercise have been shown to help athletes recover faster, but the data that taking protein during exercise improves an athlete’s performance is extremely weak. Researchers from the University of Birmingham, UK, showed that adding protein (19g/hour) to a sugared drink does not improve one-hour cycling time trial, maximum power; […]

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Osteoarthritis: Treat with Exercise

Osteoarthritis: Treat with Exercise September 27, 2009 A review article from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver shows that exercise does not increase the rate of knee damage in people with osteoarthritis, and usually reduces knee pain and disability (Canadian Family Physician, September 2009). If you develop pain in your knee that was not […]

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Just One Day of Exercise Protects the Heart

“JUST ONE DAY OF EXERCISE CAN PROTECT THE HEART AGAINST…(A HEART ATTACK)…. and this protection is upheld with months of exercise, making exercise one of the few sustainable preconditioning stimuli” (Journal of Applied Physiology, September 2011). Wow. Heart attacks occur when a plaque suddenly breaks off from the walls of an artery which supplies blood […]

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Why You Should Exercise Every Day

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts show that, after just one day of not exercising, your body loses some of its ability to respond to insulin (Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental, July 2011). Inability to respond to insulin is the cause of most cases of diabetes that has the potential to cause premature death in one […]

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Exercise Increases Mitochondria in Brain Cells

Exercise increases the size and number of mitochondria in the brains of mice (American Journal of Physiology, September 2011). The mice ran on a treadmill for an hour a day, six days a week, for eight weeks. This could explain how exercise improves memory, treats depression, and makes people feel better and helps them to […]

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Getting into a Healthy Exercise Program

Okay, so it is the end of the holidays.  And you ate more than you said that you would.  And you ate less than ideal foods.  And you didn’t exercise nearly enough.  And you don’t exercise nearly enough even when it isn’t the holidays.  So what do you do about it?  How do you get […]

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