You and Rheumatoid Arthritis- Part 1

You and Rheumatoid Arthritis- Part 1

Loosen Your Hips

Fight morning stiffness by getting your joints moving and warmed up before you get out of bed. Loosen your hips with this quick range-of-motion exercise. Lie on your back and roll your legs in until your knees are facing each other. Then roll your legs out. Repeat five times. Here are some more things you can do in the morning to help with your RA all day.

Loosen Your Shoulders

Wake up your upper body. Lie on your back with your arms at your sides. Lift one arm until your fingers are pointing at the ceiling. Lower the arm to your side and raise your other arm. Repeat five times.

Fight Pain With Music

Put on your favorite tunes. People with arthritis and other types of long-lasting pain who listen to music for an hour a day say they hurt less and have less disability. Doctors think music may cause the brain to release natural painkillers — and the type of music doesn’t matter. So crank up the country, or rock out to your heart’s content.

Lift Weights

Strength training — lifting weights — helps control arthritis pain by building stronger muscles to support your joints. You’re most likely to stick to any exercise routine if you do it in the morning. A morning workout also helps you burn more fat throughout the day. If you’ve never lifted weights before, check with your doctor first. It’s also a good idea to talk to a trainer about proper form.

Stretch in the Shower

Make a habit of taking a long, warm shower every morning. To ease stiffness even more, do some simple stretches while the water is warming your muscles and joints. Shrug your shoulders, roll your neck, and circle your wrists. If you’re worried about balance, place a lawn chair in the shower and stretch while seated.

Be well.

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