Smoking Causes Impotence

A report from University of California at Irvine reviewed twenty years of studies and found that smoking tobacco causes impotence. When you smoke tobacco, you inhale hydrocarbons that damage the lining of arteries to start plaques forming in their inner linings and slow the flow of blood. Nicotine constricts arteries to make them even narrower. […]

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Is it safe to live in a home that was previously inhabited by heavy smokers?

It may not be. Researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory showed that nicotine in tobacco smoke settles on indoor surfaces, such as furniture, carpeting and clothing, where it can combine with nitrous acid commonly emitted by household appliances and automobile exhausts to form two known and potent nitrosamines that cause cancers in humans and animals […]

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"You are provided with the perfect circumstances to enhance your growth and development."

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